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cataloochee ski area
Cataloochee circa 1960

North Carolina Ski Area Guide -- Very Complete

  • Appalachian Ski Mountain, Blowing Rock 22 skiable acres on 365' vertical
    Specs: Summit elevation: 4000'; Base elevation: 3635'. 5 Lifts: 2 quads, 1 double, 2 surface. Uphill Capacity: 5650/hr. Terrain Mix: 22-45-33. Longest Run: 2700'. Season: usually November through late March. Night Skiing 7 days. Rentals. Annual Snowfall: 60". Snowmaking: 100%.
    The SKInny: You're in the south now, baby. The mountain is 4,000 feet of beauty, the ski trails are 360 feet of, uh, something. Have to remember that the next closest skiing is behind a boat on Lake could do both on the same day if you were so inclined, so let's give Appalachian a break. The atmosphere here is decidedly friendly and low-key. It will give novices a thrill, and it's better than water skiing. Considering that pricing is substantially lower than many other Dixie ski resorts, Appalachian represents a great value for the infrequent or developing skier.

  • Ski Beech, Beech 90 skiable acres on 830' vertical
    Specs: Summit elevation: 5505'; Base elevation: 4675'. 10 Lifts: 1 quad, 6 doubles, 1 j-bar, 1 rope tow, 1 paddle lift. Uphill Capacity: 8,300/hr. Terrain Mix: 30-40-30. Longest Run: 5,280'. Season: usually November through March. Night skiing 7 days. Rentals. Annual Snowfall: 80". Snowmaking: 100%.
    The SKInny: Beech may be the best known in NC, most popular, etc. Its claim to fame is being the "highest" in the east, but hey, it's all about vertical...Beech is on the low end of mid-sized eastern resorts. Can be quite crowded on weekends, which usually means slow going on the lifts, bodies and equipment strewn about the trails, you get the idea. The accomplished skier will put this third or fourth in ranking NC.
    Signature Trail: Oz Run.

  • Cataloochee, Maggie Valley 25 skiable acres on 740' vertical
    Specs: Summit elevation: 5400'; Base elevation: 4660'. 4 Lifts: 1 quad, 1 triple, 1 double, 1 rope tow. Uphill Capacity: 2000/hr. Terrain Mix: 25-50-25. Longest Run: 10,560'. Season: usually November through mid-March, 7 days. Night Skiing Tues-Sat. Rentals. Annual Snowfall: 48". Snowmaking: 100%.
    The SKInny: Very few runs. Terrain is great on the handful Cataloochee has, but hotshots and wanderers will positively be bored out of their skulls. Rarely crowded, better conditions than most banana belt ski areas. In fact, of the truly "deep south" ski areas, well, (let me re-word that) Cataloochee is the southernmost "decent" ski area in the country. We pick on these places, but you know, every ski area on this page deserves an "A" for effort. And, truth be told, "The Cat" is often the first in the east to open! Shh, don't tell Vermont about that. And when all is said and done, this is a fun ski area.
    Signature Trail: Omigosh.

  • Hawksnest Golf & Ski Resort, Seven Devils 40 skiable acres on 669' vertical
    Specs: Summit elevation: 4819'; Base elevation: 4150'. 4 Lifts: 2 doubles, 2 surface. Uphill Capacity: 3,000/hr. Terrain Mix: 40-40-20. Longest Run: 2200'. Season: usually December through mid-March, weekends and holidays. Night Skiing. Rentals. Annual Snowfall: 90". Snowmaking: 100%.
    The SKInny: As small ski resorts go, Hawksnest does a decent job, with everything from beginner terrain to something resembling glades skiing. Tends to be less crowded than Beech or Sugar, with better conditions due to its weekends-only operations. In June 2004, Hawksnest made a big brouhaha about ski area improvements...a half-million dollars worth! What the big print giveth, the fine print taketh away. These improvements are to the lodge and tubing areas, and were announced with much fanfare about the popularity of condo sales. That speaks volumes about Hawksnest Golf (and ski) Resort.
    Signature Trail: Top Gun.

  • Sapphire Valley, Brevard 7 skiable acres on 200' vertical
    Specs: Summit elevation: 4800'; Base elevation: 4600'. 2 Lifts: 1 double, 1 surface. Uphill Capacity: 1,400/hr. Terrain Mix: 50-50-0. Longest Run: 1600'. Season: usually January through mid-March, Weds-Sun. Night Skiing. Rentals. Annual Snowfall: 30". Snowmaking: 100%.
    The SKInny: This is a resort that happens to offer skiing. We thumb our noses at this sort of thing, but fact is, we wish more resorts had skiing in the mix. From little friendly places like Sapphire come the skiers who move on to bigger mountains...all of the smaller areas on this page play an important role.

  • Scaly Mountain has currently suspended skiing operations.

  • Sugar Mountain, Banner Elk 115 skiable acres on 1200' vertical
    Specs: Summit elevation: 5300'; Base elevation: 4100'. 8 Lifts: 1 triple, 4 doubles, 3 surface. Uphill Capacity: 8,800/hr. Terrain Mix: 40-40-20. Longest Run: 7920'. Season: usually November through mid-March. Night Skiing 7 days. Rentals. Annual Snowfall: 78". Snowmaking: 100%.
    lesson at Sugar Mountain circa 1970Sugar Mountain, circa 1970. Ski school appears to be using some type of Graduated Length Method instruction.
    The SKInny: Mid-sized resort with biggest vertical south of Snowshoe, WV -- some will say Sugar is more challenging. Often crowded, but seems to have good variety and a pleasant skiing environment considering the sheer volume of people that visit. Like any Dixie ski area, you'll want to weigh your desire to ski very carefully when conditions are rough. Not a favorite of wanderers, but hotshots can turn it up a notch here. As a result, you'll see some of the South's best skiers at Sugar. Also had good programs for beginners. Easily the best in NC, and they know it.
    Signature Trail: Boulder Dash

  • Wolf Laurel Ski Area, Mars Hill 54 skiable acres on 650' vertical
    Specs: Summit elevation: 4600'; Base elevation: 3950'. 5 Lifts: 1 quad, 1 double, 3 surface. Uphill Capacity: 4500/hr. Terrain Mix: 12-44-44. Longest Run: 5280'. Season: usually December through mid-March. Night Skiing. Rentals. Annual Snowfall: 50". Snowmaking: 100%.
    The SKInny: Like a wolf, it's feast or famine. Great skiing, low prices, small crowds, lousy conditions, inept grooming, clunky infrastructure are the hallmark of Wolf Laurel. Friendly atmosphere, icy or mushy snow. Good place for novices to improve their game. Also, we like the mid station thing; young skiers can bail out at mid-station, ski a few, then do the top. It's a good confidence builder for the kids. Snow conditions seem to be the result of a throwback attitude -- skiing like it used to be. (It may be that they're just tightwads and don't want to blow a lot of snow) But when conditions are on, it really goes, arguably the best skiing in the state. Alright, alright, we complain about conditions all over the south. We don't ever want to discourage you from skiing Wolf Laurel -- or any ski area for that matter -- no matter what the snow conditions might be. Wolf Laurel is often compared to Vermont's Mad River Glen, but a better comparison might be Magic Mountain: Oh how great it could be.
    Signature Trail: The Bowl (when it's open)

Additional Links

Here's the granddaddy of all North Carolina ski websites, Once you've used our state-specific information, this should be your next click if you're sole interest is NC ski areas.


Lifts We don't consider a ski area's tubing-only lifts as part of the total. Signature Trail Is mostly subjective. Whether it's history, reputation, the view, or degree of's the run you have to do, even if it isn't necessarily the best the resort has to offer.

Finally, a note about ski area statistics: Although it's hard to believe, some ski areas are (gasp!) less than truthful with their numbers. Like the guy who lies about his, uh, shoe size, some ski areas believe that inflated numbers make their resort sound more appealling. When these numbers are obviously questionable, we put a note: (?!) and will attempt to verify the legitimacy of the claim.

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